Thursday, November 24, 2011


     It hasn't been long since Google announced its new social network. Google has tried many times to create something that'll beat Facebook. Many times they have failed. Most people don't even know what Google Wave was if you were to ask them.  Now however, it would seem that Google has finally created what is worthy of being called a social network. Can it beat Facebook? No, but it does have a lot of potential. Google+ is still brand new and just starting out, so for the moment it can't be compared to Facebook.

     Facebook simply just has more experience on the field than Google does when it comes to social networking. However, if Facebook keeps making mistakes with its ridiculous updates then given enough time Google+ might actually stand a chance. So far it's off to a good start. Within time Google+ might become a decent social network worth using.
     In the meantime, if you're still unsure whether you should join or not, I'd recommend that you do. I really don't see any reason not to join it and watch it grow. If you already have a Gmail account then signing up is even easier for you since all of google's products and sites are usually linked to your one account. So join Google+ today and find out for yourself if it's worth it or not.

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