Friday, November 25, 2011

Gmail's New Look

     Most of us who have Gmail most likely already know about it's new look. The interface is sleeker and simpler to use. New features have been added as well like the new search options for find specific emails faster. They've added new themes as well. The old themes still work which made me happy because I didn't want to lose my ninjas. :P

     Between Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, I'm starting to like Gmail as my favorite email service so far. You can do so much more with Gmail than you can with the others. All of Google's sites and products are accessible with your Gmail account. YouTube is also associated with Google so if you have a Gmail then a YouTube account is automatically made for you just like with all of Google's other features. So if you haven't seen Gmail's new look or checked it out in general then I recommend you do.

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