Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cinnabon Cereal

        We've all tried the great taste of Cinnabon. If you've been to a shopping mall then you've most likely have ran across a Cinnabon stand. Cinnabon is simply delicious and irresistable. Everytime I'd go to the mall with my girlfriend we'd always had to have Cinnabon. So when I saw at the supermarket that they had a Cinnabon cereal I immediately grabbed it and bought it. Unfortunately, it was not as tasty as I had hoped...

        The cereal didn't have any real flavor. It tasted like cardboard to me. It tasted nothing like what Cinnabon should taste. I was highly disappointed with this. How can you ruin a delicious treat like that? Kellogg's managed to do it somehow. If you haven't tried this cereal yet then don't, you might as well eat the box itself with milk. I'll be sticking to the real Cinnabon for now on. If you have tried Cinnabon Cereal, did you like it? Or did you suffer the taste of cardboard as well?

1 out of 5 Rants due to its horrible taste and being a waste of my money. :/

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