Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Book of Eli

       The Book of Eli was a wonderful movie. It takes place thirty years after a great war that had practicly destroyed the world. After the war all the holy bibles were destroyed. All but one.

        A traveler named Eli is known to have the last bible in existence within his possesion. He claims to have heard the voice of God tell him where the last bible was. When he searched thru the rubble he had found that the voice was right. The voice then tells him to head west, that there shall be a place where he can deliver the bible to safety and that he will be protected during his journey.

         As Eli travels west he ends up passing thru a town whose leader is in search of the book in which he holds possesion of. Thru out the whole movie He is attempting to steal the book from Eli.

         This movie has plenty of action and is worth watching. I highly recommend it.

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