Friday, October 1, 2010

Supernatural Update: Two and a Half Men

       Well my supernatural fanatics. Tonights episode was about dopple gangers yet again. But this time it wasn’t just any regular shape shifters but the alpha shape shifter that gave birth to all the others.

       A shape shifter took the form of a woman’s husband to basicly create a child shape shifter. This episode basicly revealed the origin of dopple gangers.

Now as an added bonus for this post I shall reveal the topic for next weeks episode for it is a can’t miss episode. The long awaited character returns next Friday night. That’s right, Castiel returns and with a new plot twist. Some one has stolen dangerous weapons from heaven and Cass is in need of the Brothers help yet again. More questions have been added that hopefully will soon be answered. Stay tuned for more updates! :D

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