Thursday, September 16, 2010

People Are Just Sick!

      As I was web browsing recently I came across an intersting piece of news. Aparently there was a stuffed pony left in a park near an elementary school just waiting for some poor innocent kid to run to it and grab it. The problem was that this innocent looking pony was actually a bomb just waiting for someone to touch it.

      Luckily, some people in the neighborhood saw it and found it suspicious so they called the police and they sent in the bomb squad. They sent in a robot and as soon as it touched the pony it exloded taking the robot with it.

      It's a sick world we live in when terrorist or just mad bombers in general are targeting our children. Seriously? How can any human being sink so low as to try to kill an innocent child? This world is just filled with sick and evil people that I just hope they all get what's coming to them.

      To read more about this here's the link in which I had originally heard the news from


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