Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Supernatural: It's Almost Here! :D

       Well my supernatural fanatics. The time has come or should I say is about to come. (no pun intended). The long awaited sixth season of the hit t.v. series Supernatural returns this friday! From what I can tell, one of this season's main focuses is the origins on most of the ghosts, spirits, and monsters that they deal with. And when I say deal I mean hunt, when I say hunt I mean beat the living daylights out've it and made it wish they never arose in the first place.

         Rumors has it that our favorite angel Castiel will still be on the show. And hopefully we'll finally know if Sam broke out of the cage in hell and how. Another question I'm sure plenty of you have is, did Lucifer break out with him?

          I honestly doubt that Lucifer will make a return since it had already been confirmed that the whole doomsday and Lucifer v.s. Micheal story was put to an end at the finale of the last season. But you never know, he might return. No one can truly know until they watch the show themselves. So stay tuned friday night for Supernaturals sixth season priemier! :D

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