Sunday, January 9, 2011

Webcomic Month: Sequential Art

     Well ladies and gentlemen, here you have it. The first installment of "Webcomic Month" is here at last! For the entire month I will be reviewing great webcomics in which I have found through out the world wide web.

      For the first rant and review of Webcomic Month I decided to begin with the best, "Sequential Art". Created by the genius artist known as Phillip M Jackson. This Webcomic series revolve around four main characters: Art, Kat, Pip, and Scarlet.

     Out of the four, Art is the only human in the household. Kat being a cat, Pip a penguin, and Scarlet a squirrel. The artwork is great and inspiring, the series itself is hilarious. At the moment there are 670 strips, I have literally spent an entire weekend reading every single one. I could'nt get myself to stop reading it and I still am await the release of new strips yet to come. 

      There is just so much to cover on this webcomic alone that I can't go over every detail of it. I highly recommend everyone should read it. Once you start to read you wont be able to stop.

        Well that was the first rant and review of Webcomic Month. So go now and check out "Sequential Art"!

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