Thursday, October 3, 2013

Attack On Titan

    Earlier today I saw the first episode of Attack on Titan... Wow! This show will mess with your feels. If you're not emotionally stable then I suggest you don't watch it.

    Attack on Titan is about a city closed off from the rest of the world by walls that are 50 meters high. The reason for this is because outside the city walls are giant man eating beings known as Titans. The city had been protected by these walls for over a hundred years until one day a colossal titan that seems to be around the same height as the walls breaks right thru. Once the wall was broken the titans all began to invade the city and eat every person they could get there giant hands on.

   I wont spoil the ending of the first episode, but I do warn you... Be prepared...

   I plan on watching the rest of the series and maybe post more updates on it.

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