Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

      Gunslinger Girl is about a social welfare agency in Italy that is actually a covert ops facility. They take little girls who have had horrible lives and turn them into cybernetic assassins to combat terrorists. These girls have had life experiences that were so terrible that they are actually better of as killing tools for the government.

      Henrietta's family was tortured and killed and she was kept alive so that they could continue to torture her for days until she was finally rescued. Rico had some sort of sickness that wouldn't let her even move her body,  once she was "conditioned" she's been more than grateful to be able to move. Angelica was run over by a car; her own parents tried to kill her in order to claim the life insurance they had on her. Triela was a victim of human trafficking that was involved in making snuff films using children. The list goes on, but it's best that you see the show yourselves. These girls are brainwashed and enhanced with cybernetics, but are well aware that they are just tools. Considering their previous lives, they are more than grateful to be there.

       The manga is still ongoing. The series however is two seasons long and has two OVAs after. The series is available on Netflix if you wish to watch it. Or you could simply Google to find a website that'll stream it. Either way I recommend you check this anime out. It has plenty of action and enough drama as well.

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